Celebrating the BGMA’s 10th Anniversary!

History of the Brandon General Museum & Archives:

The original plan for a general museum was made at the time Daly House was incorporated in 1978. Since the city already owned the home of the first mayor of Brandon, it was decided by Mayor Magnacca and committee to develop it as a period home and at some future date establish a general museum. By 2006 the Board of Directors at Daly House realised that the building could no longer continue to accept artifact donations due to lack of space.

On May 10th, 2006, a public meeting was held at Prairie Oasis Seniors Centre to determine the amount of interest and support that may be available in the community for establishing a general museum for Brandon. Having no budget for the enterprise, Murray Graham paid the rent for the meeting space out of his own pocket. It was noted that communities in the province which were much smaller than Brandon were able to afford a local museum. More than 40 residents attended and a core group was formed to explore ways and means.

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum donated space for this group to hold monthly planning meetings. Unfortunately, the group because smaller as members who felt that plans were not progressing quickly enough dropped out. However, those who chose to persevere were finally able to raise support for the project. Reg Forbes was one of the potential museum’s greatest champions.

Eventually, supported negotiated with the Brandon City Council which resulted in wider interest in the project. Museum planning meetings were held as City Hall and Counciller Errol Black took a leadership role and moved the project along. It was eventually decided that the Brandon General Museum & Archives would be incorporated under the direction of the City of Brandon, which was finalized on June 15th, 2009.

Museum doors would finally open to the public after this long journey on July 15th, 2011.

For our 10th Anniversary this year the BGMA wants to give back to the community around us!
Join us on Thursday, July 15th, anytime between 4:00PM and 6:00PM to help us clean up the Downtown Hub. There will be a table set up outside of the BGMA at 19 9th Street to pick up gloves and bags to pick up garbage with. You will be given a map with a marked area to target. Individuals with sharps containers available will be nearby that you can flag down. Do not pick up any broken glass, needles, or anything else you are not comfortable picking up on your own. When your bag is full there will be trucks available to take bags of trash away.


Masks are suggested while working in groups, please adhere to the current health and safety policies.


Participating volunteers can enter into a draw to win a BGMA Package Prize!

We will also be collecting items for Brandon Bear Clan during the event. They are currently looking for summer clothing, light socks, new underwear, and toiletries.


Contact us if you have any questions or want to help us out!

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