Exhibits and Galleries

Our museum contains three permanent exhibits and additional rotating exhibits throughout the year. To see what is on right now check out our Event Calendar.

If you are part of a group seeking to book a tour of the museum or a particular exhibit, please contact the office for more details.


Manitoba Telephone History

Before it was Bell MTS, did you know that Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) was called Manitoba Telephone System from 1921 to 2004? Before that it was called Manitoba Government Telephones! Did you also know that our museum is located in the former MTS building in downtown Brandon?

Come and see our collection of phones throughout history and read about the origins of Manitoba Telecom Services from past to present. Check out our interactive exhibits in this gallery and try to dial your mother (when was the last time you called her?) on one of our rotary phones or in the original MTS phone booth we have in the lobby!



Brandon History Hall

When Brandon first became a city in 1882, the local government consisted of one Mayor and twelve Aldermen, which are known today as City Councillors. In this section of the museum we have the original furnishings that the Aldermen and Mayors would use during their council meetings; desks, chairs, the Mayor’s Throne, and even the original typewriter from the City Council Chambers.

Brandon’s timeline of mayors, from Thomas Mayne Daly to present, are represented across the walls. Along with the Remarkable Women of Brandon and Area, showcasing the many women that helped transform Brandon into the city it is today. A collection of artifacts representing the city are also on display in this area.


BJ Hales Gallery

In 1913, BJ Hales acquired the taxidermy collection of George Atkinson, a taxidermist and naturalist, from Portage la Prairie. This collection was the nucleus of what would become the “BJ Hales Museum of Natural History”.

In 1964 and until 2008, Brandon College (now Brandon University) adopted the collection and continued to add to the collection. Dr John Lane, noted “birdman” of Brandon, was the first curator of the museum.


The purpose of the BJ Hales Museum of Natural History was to collect, preserve, and display artifacts of the natural history and fauna of Manitoba.

The 700 – 800 strong collection encompassed an almost complete collection of birds and mammals found in Manitoba, an egg collection, a geological collection and a collection of archaeological artifacts.


Following an agreement with the Brandon School Division, part of the taxidermy collection has been on display here at the Brandon General Museum & Archives since 2013 in the BJ Hales Gallery.


William G. Hobbs Heritage Collection

William G. Hobbs (1927-2012) was born in Alderney in the Channel Islands and came to settle in Canada in 1959. Notwithstanding the considerable demands in time alone imposed upon him by his role of physician and surgeon in a rural community, he managed to develop a technical skill in painting which won him many awards in art shows internationally.

Dr. Hobbs passed away September 29th, 2012, in Brandon, Manitoba at the age of 85. He generously allowed the Brandon General Museum & Archives to develop a Brandon Historical Print set using six of his Brandon scenes featuring trains. These can be viewed in detail at the museum and also purchased at our Gift Shop.


Gift Shop

Our museum gift shop offers a variety of toys, souvenirs, and postcards to remember your visit to the Brandon General Museum & Archives!