The Chinese Experience in Brandon

The Brandon General Museum and Archives is thrilled about our second Show & Tell series on Sunday February 26 at 2pm!
Sue-On & Bill Hillman and Kenny Choy will share a presentation about the Chinese experience in Brandon, Manitoba followed by a Q&A.
This speaker series will take place on the last Saturday of every month (except this month it’s a Sunday) and is by donation.

Space is limited – to register, please email us at or call 204 717 1514

About our Speakers:

Kenny Choy and Sue-On Hillman (Choy) were born in Toisan, China, and grew up in the rural Manitoba town Newdale and are Descendants of Chinese immigrants from pre-1900.

Sue-On immigrated in 1958 with her mother after the government of Canada repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1947. Kenny immigrated in 1959.

Kenny trained in Laboratory Technology, becoming Chief Medical Technologist at BMHC and as Assistant Administrator at WestMan Lab before retiring 1983. In addition to his medical career, he and his wife Rebecca were restaurateurs, and today, are still successful real estate developers.

Sue-On married Bill Hillman, received B.A and B.Ed degrees from Brandon University. She taught high school English and Geography, and later as an English language teacher at B.U with International students.

Bill and Sue-On took over Soo’s, the family restaurant, in 1992, and retiring in 2002. With husband Bill they also have an international presence in the music and entertainment industry.

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