At-Home Research Volunteer Position at the BGMA

Made a new year’s resolution to volunteer more in your community? Want to learn more about your local history? The BGMA has a brand-new volunteer position that you can do from the comfort of your home!

Brandon General Museum & Archives: At-Home Research Volunteer Position


This volunteer position is designed to be done from home with free online resources for Brandon, Manitoba, and area residents.

If you are available to take on a research topic, contact the museum office via email and the subject/outline of what is needed will be sent to you with a list of resources we commonly use. You are not restricted to use these resources and are open to use whatever you also have at your personal disposal, but we ask that you record any references/resources you use.

When the research is completed to your ability, email the museum office back with your findings and the approximate time you worked on it. We record all of our volunteer hours each month in reports submitted monthly/annually to the BGMA Board of Directors.

The BGMA receives inquiries from all over the world from individuals working on personal and public research projects, searching through their local family history, and tracking down the appropriate contact for information. As a local history museum, we try to help in these searches as a service and provide any information or send the appropriate resources to them.

You may also be asked to contribute to research for new exhibits or to further explore something we already have in the collection. New objects, photos, and documents are introduced to the museum all the time and it takes the work of our staff and volunteers to get them accessed and cataloged properly, which is primarily done by the Collections Committee, another set of volunteers at the BGMA.

Being familiar with computers, archives, and having a research background is an asset to this position, but not required! We are a space of learning–both in and out of the museum doors!

If you are interested, please email the BGMA office at with the subject line “At-Home Research Volunteer Position Interest” and we can discuss a topic that suits you.

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