Bootlegs and Automobiles Speaker Event

“Moonlight shines off the chrome of the sixes. The fellas love these cars. A whiskey six is a status symbol, a means of transportation, and one of the most essential tools in the bootleggers’ bag of tricks. It needs to be fast: faster than cops, and much faster than hijackers. You can bribe a cop, but another bootlegger bent on stealing your hooch? That calls for fast wheels.” – Best Served Cold, book three of the Bootlegger’s Chronicles

Our winter exhibit, Behind Brandon’s Green Door: Bottling History of the City, explores the past breweries of the Wheat City. Prohibition in Manitoba lasted from 1916 to 1923 and it prompted an entirely new culture of speakeasies, bootlegging, and other creative efforts by those determined to continue their business and others to drink.

Sherilyn Decter is the author of the Bootlegger’s Chronicles, a fictional series based in Philadelphia during the prohibition era. Come in for an afternoon as she shares some of her research that she used to help create the world within her books.

Saturday, Feb. 8th

2:00PM at the BGMA on 19th 9th Street

Attendees can also enter a free draw to win the first two novels of the Bootlegger’s Chronicles at the event.

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